My grandfather was born in 1919.  I never found out whether he enjoyed the same freedom to roam as the great-grandfather depicted; presented as representative of 8 year old’s that year.  I don’t know whether letting a child fish 6 miles away was normal or an experience that my own grandfather and his friends shared.

I don’t live in that world.

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proverbs 24:11

Author/editor note.  This post has been sitting in my drafts for roughly a month, maybe two.  The moment I reopened it the ‘last edited’ date changed.  I can sigh, affirm that sleep did help, but the overall concern still comes through; the main point hasn’t changed.  “Do something” is too broad of a command.  “Love your neighbor as yourself; Love your God”.  Love casts out all fear; 20 seconds of bravery? (We Bought a Zoo) – make them count…  ok.  I’ll press publish.  Why not?

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