all in good [clean?] fun

Apparently I am now a member of an all girl death metal band called Sweaty Melons.

If we were still 16 and 17, my rocker bro would be proud.


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Might a question be asked

Might a question be asked to make one think, not instinctively respond with no care, no insight, as to why it was asked in the first place.  Might a question be asked not to reveal the inquisitive one’s fancy but to teach.  The question had nothing to do with his own desires; it was designed to challenge.  Perhaps it met its goal- it was designed to offend, although not in the manner that it did.

It was a valid question and I’m willing to bet, especially with what was hashtagged (#teensaccused), he wasn’t asking for himself!

If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her?

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spiraling up

spiraling robynejay

Draft from Sunday night- after a bit too long pressing the ‘random’ button in the toolbar, reading old blogs, marveling at how many could be written today.  Going back to Allstate– I just had my first day again- three years later. 

I’m almost kinda sorta getting closer to starting to recover from a debilitating fear of standing out.  At all.
One week short of three years later, I can say that the fear of standing out was like my fear of needles.
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It was a good day.

There were a few minutes, like now, where the eyes struggle to stay open and I fear that I’ll never be able to muster enough energy to do it again, but miraculously when I needed to be alive, there was joy and laughter and energy and an attitude that just longs to encourage anyone around me.  “Grace personified?”  No, but I could be gracious with people b/c I knew I should be in their spot.  I did give one glare and received a back rub in return, but for the most part —

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Tell me something good.

Last night the phrase came up in conversation, “You have to celebrate the little things”.  I agreed and then shared briefly that my best friend is in a nursing home at age 27 and had responded to the phrase titling this blog post with

I was able to walk 5 feet today.  With my walker of course, but still- you have to celebrate the little things!

The gentleman I was speaking with stopped, stunned.

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Are you being refreshed?

Tuesday night I sat in the middle of the hall just staring at the huge panel I was supposed to draw a bookcase onto.  The cast surrounded me; my claustrophobia/ natural inclination to hide when the tears are about to make an appearance took over and I gave them very short, characteristic one or two word answers and the sad shakes of the head that are typical when I’m overwhelmed.

Last night I playfully announce to the co-director, a friend from high school, “I have a present for you!”.

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true humility

my lens seems a bit foggy tonight- having trouble putting thoughts together, but playing with a webcam for a new blog post reminded me of this one.  be sure to open it up so you can see the captions attached to each pic

2/19 2:02 –> 3:15 pm

Stare at yourself in the mirror. Play with the cam. Study your facial expressions.  It's ok.  Make faces at yourself crying and you're bound to laugh sooner or laterThey say to love others like you love yourself.  That means you have to love yourself firstbecause if you hate it in yourself, you're going to despise it in others

unfortuately its pretty normaldouble sided, double mindedtry so hard to fix yourself upmessing around with the hair and all thatbut it just ain't gonna happenknow the feeling?its the camera- nothing you do will helpuntil you change the lens

again& again& again

True humility is to see yourself how God sees you.

Beloveda gift- to yourself, Himself, and everyone elseand free from the confines of a lousy lens

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“The point is t…

“The point is that when introverts enter into worship, we are apt to come trembling before a God whose mysterious otherness often reduces us to silent awe. For us, quiet is often the context for heartfelt worship”