It was a good day.

There were a few minutes, like now, where the eyes struggle to stay open and I fear that I’ll never be able to muster enough energy to do it again, but miraculously when I needed to be alive, there was joy and laughter and energy and an attitude that just longs to encourage anyone around me.  “Grace personified?”  No, but I could be gracious with people b/c I knew I should be in their spot.  I did give one glare and received a back rub in return, but for the most part —

you know, even if I did go through today feeling as I do now- as if I had been run over by something- or like I did when I started a 13 hr road trip at 10pm- it would’ve been a good day.

I can’t complain.  I can’t lie and say I’m looking forward to another, but tomorrow will be a good day.  “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it”.

Regardless of what comes.

Still- I’m so grateful for God’s timing- for making my dying phone ring (while on silent) while I was holding it during a break Fri b/c I had assumed my cello teacher knew/ remembered I couldn’t make it today.  Nope- she was calling to reschedule- to Monday- my day off (from the zoo at least).

Celebrate the little things.  The things I can’t plan and can’t muster up and can’t explain.

I should not have been perky last Sunday but lo and behold it happened and it felt awesome and I have faith that it can happen again.

After 5 hours of sleep I should not have been perky this afternoon- or this evening- but lo and behold it happened and I’m grateful and I’m grateful that that beautiful adrenaline rush has died down and I can hear my bed calling.

I’m grateful for rest and I plan to wake up restored.  Not because 1:15 is my normal bedtime or because I deserve a bed or because I am entitled to sleep but because exhaustion is beautiful and energy is glorious and my God created me to be fully alive.

Sleep is part of that.  What an incredible system.  Good night, sweet dreams and no worries.  Whatever comes will come but tomorrow will be a phenomenal day.