Tell me something good.

Last night the phrase came up in conversation, “You have to celebrate the little things”.  I agreed and then shared briefly that my best friend is in a nursing home at age 27 and had responded to the phrase titling this blog post with

I was able to walk 5 feet today.  With my walker of course, but still- you have to celebrate the little things!

The gentleman I was speaking with stopped, stunned.

Wow.  That really put me in my place.

My friend just started a blog,, to mark her progress and reading phrases like “I had to lift 2lb weights over my head and up and down. It was nice and easy with the right side but I definatly can tell that my left arm is weAk” [sic] amaze me when in context.

Thurs night she and I were both able to go to our young adult group at VLC for the first time in weeks.  It was her first time out of the nursing home in a week (the week before was an extended hospital stay) and I’ve been staying away because of play practice/ work.

If her left arm was weak, she certainly fooled me because man this girl loves to worship.  Her hands dance in the most incredible way and sitting in that wheelchair, she was transported into a throne room that few get to see.  Her left arm moves so quickly when dancing- it was as just as beautiful as watching her physically twirl on Easter knowing that she hadn’t been able to feel her left leg in well over a year.

“miracle for putting on socks”

Puts me in my place?

No, not quite.  We use what we’re given and everything we have we give back to the one who gave it to us.

I believe every good thing comes from God.  James 1:17.  Every good thing comes from the Father of heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows.

What do I have and what can I offer back?  That sermon Thurs night was all about “Go big or go home!” and I sat there wondering how I could go big and whether filling up my schedule with work and play stuff and cello and art and work was pleasing to God.

I believe it can be.

I believe the coworkers who came to the play last night can be awed at how I handle a busy Saturday knowing that I have to do it again tonight.  “Grace personified”.  Not quite but I can make it clear where I get my strength and stress upon them that my God knows that I need to rest and takes me beside still waters before letting me do so.  When crossing a rising river He’ll keep me moving and all will be amazed, hopefully not with me but with who I serve.

Tell me something good?  I’m alive, my energy is not my own, the joy of the Lord really is my strength and I’m actually looking forward to a crazy day.  The less possible this is for me to pull off on my own, the more glory goes to the one that keeps me going.

& then when it’s safe, I’ll get to let it out, cry a little bit, enjoy a thunderstorm, soak in enough water to keep me hydrated for another long week.

 Hard work is good.  For some, that sense of accomplishment comes from lifting 2 lbs over ones head.  For others its 6 or 12, 30 or 50.  This is not a hierarchy, some are not better than others.  It’ll be a good week!