true humility

my lens seems a bit foggy tonight- having trouble putting thoughts together, but playing with a webcam for a new blog post reminded me of this one.  be sure to open it up so you can see the captions attached to each pic

2/19 2:02 –> 3:15 pm

Stare at yourself in the mirror. Play with the cam. Study your facial expressions.  It's ok.  Make faces at yourself crying and you're bound to laugh sooner or laterThey say to love others like you love yourself.  That means you have to love yourself firstbecause if you hate it in yourself, you're going to despise it in others

unfortuately its pretty normaldouble sided, double mindedtry so hard to fix yourself upmessing around with the hair and all thatbut it just ain't gonna happenknow the feeling?its the camera- nothing you do will helpuntil you change the lens

again& again& again

True humility is to see yourself how God sees you.

Beloveda gift- to yourself, Himself, and everyone elseand free from the confines of a lousy lens

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