self-justification; “It’s not for me!”

A leader asks his minions to scrounge a crowd for food; they come back with 1 meal.  Enough for one.

Even knowing this man’s character, did the disciples assume Jesus would eat that kid’s meager meal?  Was the selfless leader tempted to yell out to the shocked and curious crowd “Don’t worry!  It’s not for me!

Or did he just wait, bless it and send it out as if he didn’t notice the incriminating whispers rippling through those who were just asked their last provisions.

They were fed and 12 baskets of extras came back.  κοφίνους, wicker basketenough for his disciples.  Did Jesus eat at all or only enjoy ‘food [we] know not of’ (Jn 4).  I wouldn’t put it past Jesus to have been fasting that day.

What about us- do we care whether people think we’re taking the last or the best; must we cry out our intentions or can we rely on our integrity to speak for us and the truth to be clear enough in time?