expect, not dread

a good man who revs her engine is going to confuse the ham and biscuits out of a lot of women and third party onlookers. They are playing the game by multiple sets of rules: what they think the rules should be, what they wish the rules were, and the actual rules (which cannot ultimately be ignored no matter how hard you try).


Your goal is be like God. To be that strong, high standard, wise, and loving guy. All of this has to be balanced and that can be tricky, but those are the rules. You have to show courage in your dealings with women. Hold her to the same standards to which you would hold yourself or others, call her out when indicated, the same way your friends would call you out if you acted the fool. Show some common sense, and don’t hesitate to jet if your head is telling you you should. Above all seek to do good to any woman you meet and if she rejects your efforts, show her good by leaving her alone.