cognitive dissonance

  • This morning man was walking in the middle of the highway claiming that someone across the street was trying to kill him.
    • Thurs night sermon: “As a Christian you can’t ignore anyone”
    • Common sense: the man is mad.  Bandaged elbow, frantic look.
    • The phone is left at home; can’t call police. Thank you God the doors are locked; he can’t get in.
    • Work is expecting me- by name.  I can’t ignore my coworkers either.
    • Compassion moves people to act, I can’t act.  Keep moving and praying he doesn’t get hit by the cars that speed up instead of slow down.
  • All dressed up to go to a wedding.
    • Didn’t RSVP for the reception, only the ceremony.  Thinking about Thurs night sermon- invite those that can’t repay.  Thinking about my own.  Big open house party?  Get a bigger than necessary church and say come one come all.  Get local friends to take in out of towners and help me cook some casseroles.  Donate the tons of leftovers.
    • Told some girls at work this morning.  First reaction: that’s cool and then they changed their minds.  Nope- “weddings suck” and they “only go for the drama”.  Divorce is expected.  Tragic opinion based on live experiences.  What a different connotation than what I’ve grown up with!  Heart-breaking perspective based on their reality.
    • Excitement tempered by ponderings and mild jealousy.  Working on eradicating the latter.
  • Are we or are we not supposed to let people wreak havoc on our lives.  Can’t ignore anyone- go out of your way to help the broken.  What about the people expecting us.  Commitments.

This moment’s stream of consciousness (it changes by the sec!)

  • “What is love? Baby don’t hurt me.. don’t hurt me.. no more” – “oh we’re half way there!  woah- living on a prayer” – chorus came on at work as long line of people stream through the door – tempted to go all out, sing – someone singing my name at work this morning; debating how to answer.  sing hers back, smile quietly and keep working, lift my eyebrows and make her feel weird when i long to go at it too; be silly and let whatever comes come.  wedding in half hour- gotta go.
  •   when we all long for authenticity, is letting someone see our vulnerabilities a good or bad thing.  It’s possible to be too honest.  Too out there.  A person without self-control is like a city without walls.  Wedding- marriage= good thing.  A friend’s special day.  Mine’s coming.  eventually.  gotta go