“There was not even the decency of pretense”

excerpt from When mama ain’t happy…:

But I found myself speechless when my five-year-old whispered to me from beneath his white lights after we finally wound our way to a long overdue bedtime, “Mama, I got something to tell you. But it’s bad. You wanna know?” And I take a deep breath and shake my cowardly head, no. As if I can ward off the world, as if I can unsee the movie reel I know is playing in his head.

Because there is no going back from the moment when a young soul describes with surprise and wide eyes about how a man came into a room where a lady was sleeping and tried to creep her shirt off her without waking her up.

Believe me, there are no appropriate words to explain the “context” of that scene because I tried tonight and failed.

They both watched me waiting for an answer.

Lisa Jo-Baker (http://lisajobaker.com/2013/02/when-mama-aint-happy/)