As the eagle swooped, I ducked a few seconds too late into the conveniently located cave like crevasse to my right.  Newly sore from the bird’s head butt, I sighed and then recoiled, dancing around the mice that started to scatter and nip at my toes.  Lord, seriously?  Luke 6.  Is this what You meant?


The night before, Matt, the young adult pastor at VLC (see FM podcast), had been talking about how horrible the ethic of Jesus would seem to anyone who didn’t really believe in Him; how repulsive it would be to any of us if we really thought about it.  Yet the challenges to give to those who just take and let people take without demanding it back frees us from the victim mentality.  I did this voluntarily.  You can take nothing from me- I’m laying it down.  You can’t fire me b/c I quit?


These things are running across my mind’s eye- I’m having this internal debate while stepping past the mice and whatever came next.  I have that creature’s description written down in the journal by my bed, but right now I remember just sighing and continuing on, the urgency increasing.


After stepping over glass or something along those lines, she finally appeared.  A Chinese girl with chicken pox was standing before me so I hugged her.  This is why I had come.  I still don’t know her name, I didn’t recognize her face, but I had come to see her and although I was too tired to really smile and although it wasn’t a particularly joy-filled reunion or meeting, I couldn’t not touch her.  She could have had rabies for all I cared at that point.  She needed a hug.


& then I woke up- still slightly hung-over from some literally uncontrollable dancing last night.


This morning I recalled the story of God’s progression in getting me to dance at all to a classmate- the conversation being a miracle in and of itself.


I couldn’t remember a useful link so I emailed it to her.  Hername persuadedbychrist@… dot com. Awesome.  I just remember thinking that’s bold.   Really cool.  I like it.  My worlds stay fairly segregated; I’m getting a little more outgoing in church but outside of that environment I’m still fairly reserved, but good for you.  More power to ya.


She wasn’t feeling well this morning.  Before class I stayed normal- I’m sorry small talk and so on- after I couldn’t help it.  Normal hasn’t been an option lately.


Not being bold enough to actually pray for her, I started to tell the story of last night, expecting two short songs and being pleasantly surprised when the worship leader sensed that our Lord had something more.  I told her how after slipping into the aisle, going unnoticed was no longer an option, nor a desire.  I literally could not stop moving, just like that afternoon in a smaller group and three days ago in solitude.


The skipping and interpretive waving of the arms felt fairly familiar.  My last weekend in Georgia (mid January), I was sitting outside in the hammock at one of AIM’s training camps, listening to the dance off taking place inside.  The familiar voice told me to go inside, that there was something I wouldn’t want to miss, so I somewhat reluctantly got up expecting a more decent than usual performance.  Nope- the serve team was competing with the team leaders.  Titanic’s theme song.  Awesome.  (Sneaky Jesus!)


It was fun- ridiculous, none of us had much creativity.  Someone lost a scarf so I spun that around a few times, but I was in complete control.  Less reserved and dignified than I’m used to, but also much less graceful than I felt yesterday when God was deciding the moves- an expert choreographer.


I could have told more.  Last May, also at an AIM training camp, when after finally getting to a point where I could enjoy the worship service’s mosh pit, God sent me to the reserved section to one girl in particular.  He had me talk to two, but one (who happened to be Asian) was visibly antsy and didn’t take much encouragement before the jumping jacks started.  I told her to invite someone else to dance and soon they were both jumping.


I told her that this is so not me; that it’s common knowledge that I cry at dance parties- at least up until two weeks ago when I jumped instead.


& then I stopped procrastinating, after her face was glowing and eyes glistening and asked if I could pray for her.  An eager, expectant heck yeah nod came back and off to the side by the ladies restroom of the Western campus of Tri-C, I just thanked God for introducing me to a sista and for taking away her physical ailments and emotional burdens and for casting out the fear of the test that was coming up.


Thanking Him for stealing away all reservations and blurring/ shattering the presupposed boundary lines of where we’re allowed to meet with Him.