I am underestimated.

The truth is, I am powerful beyond imagination. I have the authority and the power to speak life into existence, to make mountains move, to make the lame walk, to pull dead folks out of the ground and to breathe life back into their dusty old bones.

All Hell breaks loose when I walk into a room because the Kingdom is coming with me with a declaration of freedom. I am empowered by the Holy Spirit, and the blood of Christ runs through my veins.

But I am underestimated…

I underestimate myself. More often than not I choose to walk in fear instead of authority. I choose lies instead of truth. I live according to the words of those who spite me instead of the words of Him who created me. I came with an instruction manual with a function and a purpose yet I, like a man, set it aside.

Time to rise up.

Today I am going to try and overestimate myself… I am going to try and do the possible because with my Creator, there is no impossible.

Are you underestimated?

-Matt Patch, iammattpatch.wordpress.com