I didn’t learn anything new when wandering

through the library and stopping in the middle of an aisle to read Godin’s entire little book.  I was encouraged though that I had made the right choice- that my then current position was indeed a cul-de-sac, as pleasant as those may be.  

Today was the culmination of that decision.  More than once, I was encouraged to keep the options open, to understand that the door would not be locked behind me.  “It’s not too late to change your mind”.  I truly do love and admire my coworkers.

Former coworkers.  I handed over my badge on the way out the door today, after offering the guard some of the leftover chocolates and nutter butters my friends blessed me with.

Cul-de-sac game Example

I gave two and a half months notice so my friends came prepared, this day surprised nobody, but I — its still sinking in.  I quit.  anything- I mean, this is not a common occurrence- I’m one of the 4 out of 30 that sticks it through a crazy long slightly boring book study simply because I signed up.  I find myself analyzing whether I could make a weekly commitment before I even visit a new group. 

I find it hard to say no, but today I shook my head, looked down and gave a sheepish smile when asked whether I was coming back.  Not this time. “We realize you have stuff you have to do, but know that you’re always welcome back when you’re done” Thank you.  Really- thank you- but no.A cul-de-sac sign in Dublin, Ireland.

No- I’m not completely sure what’s next but I’m excited.  Godin warns about quitting when it’s tough, when there’s potential to get past a dip and skyrocket.  He warns against staying when there’s nowhere else to go. 

I’ve said time and time again how much I appreciate Allstate and the workers I’ve gotten to know there, but it’s time.  That’s pretty much all I’ve got right now.  One chapter has to end before another is allowed to start. 

Passion and Searchlight and a thirteen hour middle of the night drive down south coming up this next week. After that, we’ll see.  It’ll be awesome.

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