maximize leadership

I found this May 27th based on a very high recommendation from Bekah Burder, after spending a few days with her down in Birmingham where this church is located.  I set the publish date for 6 months ahead probably to serve more of a reminder for myself, but knowing God, I’m sure this timing will serve as ideal for someone else too.


“There’s a manual on church history from the 2nd century, ok.  2nd century church discipline and this manual gives the following instructions:

Listen to this sentence: ‘If there is a man who is abusing his wife in the church, the pastor should take two stout elders and go visit that home’. ha! yes. Take that boy outside with some men and have a talk”


Biblical womanhood is not checking brain, will, at the door of marriage, putting the will of husband before the will of Christ. – David Platt

“Man leads in a way that points women to the authority of Christ”

Woman’s primary role is to support and she is accountable to God for the affirmation of her husband, in other words affirming her husband’s role.  Yes, I’m a suitable helper for you- designed by God in a complementary way, not a competitive way with you.  There are things you need in me and I affirm my need for your leadership


Honor your wives, do not belittle your wife for her failures.  By the grace of God laid on your life to honor your wives and to train boys to be men.  Dads, husbands, single men, we need to show boys that godly responsibility, humble initiative, hard leadership […] what that looks like in action.  And specifically going back, young single men, as long as you prolong adolescence in your 20s and 30s, you will teach teenage boys they need not grow up because your life looks just like theirs. 

“Train boys to provide, to protect, to lead women in loving, gracious, humble hard working ways that reflect the very character of Christ.  Exhortation to men.

Women:  Incline yourselves towards wise, willing submission; disposition that is inclined to wise, obviously not foolish, you need not submit to a man that’s abusing you, take that to church, to the stout elders, but women in any situation to incline herself, first and foremost to wise, willing submission to God in constant prayer, He is obviously your ultimate authority, and He cares for you, Do not underestimate the effect of prolonged intercession before Him.  There are numerous times in my relationship with my wife where I have come to realizations in my life, marriage, and come to Heather and said ‘here’s a realization I found’ only to find that she figured that out a long time before and had been praying that I’d get it.  & so this is good.  good. Don’t underestimate the effect of prayers before your ultimate head and know that He hears you.  Even when you’re wondering know that He’s listening.  He’s always listening.  So, yield to Him in constant prayer, and then to men in certain positions.   Meaning, if you’re a wife, obviously incline yourself to wise willing submission to your husband as best as you can in a way that honors Christ, even if he’s not a believer, even if he’s a professing believer but not being a man, pray, submit to God and then to him, longing for him to lead, affirming him when he does lead.

And a side note to the Church, this is where we need to come alongside.” 

God’s desire for women is to desire to receive good, godly, humble male leadership, to respect a man’s caring initiative to provide, to protect, to work for our good, to live in a way that shows girls how to be women. 

Show girls how, show girls what a godly inclination to follow a man’s leadership looks like.