fresh fire

May 24th, 2011

You are to scour this world for yous.  Ewes.  The lost, confused, desperate people who have heard Me and have no idea how to act on it.  Those who are too scared to try it alone. 

Those who are clinging onto the fence – take their hand and say see whats right over there.  Show them Me.

It’s a high calling.

The pain is temporary but I am still there.  Memorize verses – the prayers of the saints – Mary’s.

You are Mary – a young child blessed with an incredible responsibility and an incredible burden.

This is a fire and it must be properly channeled – contained even.  Use one spark to start a bonfire and once you have it built and have trained the people seated around it to keep it going, protected, directed; you may take a torch and take that fire elsewhere.

Sometimes the fire is built and they are ready for your flame.

Sometimes you might have to set aside your flame = protect it, leave for no more than a few seconds at a time.  You may have to stand by your torch and shield it from the wind while telling the people sitting around that particular campfire what to do.  Gather sticks – how to place them.  It’s a new concept.  They’ve been seated around a smoldering log and they like its glow.  Point out your torch, your small flame, and paint visions in their heads of what a big one may look like. 

Those that catch the vision will try to save that spark.  No – instead teach them to bury it – to create a tent around it – a tabernacle where My glory can abound in that place.  Create a safe environment for a fire to grow, with sticks leaning on each other, ready for your flame to be dropped in.

You just pictured telling the others – you know this vision is not just for yourself – and you know that this is a bonfire where everyone has their own torch and just needs to know what to do with it.

You know that if there’s a testimony time you are the 1st to speak.  Will you do it?  It’s your choice.

Tell Me a God story.

Don’t stick paper into the log hoping it’ll catch, get hot enough to burn, showing a beautiful, temporary display.  My fire is gorgeous, but precious – there is enough – a quick blast, display of My glory is not enough – it is made to sustain You.

I am here to keep you warm, heat your food, make what you already have, what I’ve already given you, edible.

Eat, be filled, and do not mourn for the abandoned, smoldering log.  When the time is right, when the sky’s the darkest and the light most needed, My people will return to build My fire – and then they’ll wait.

“Are you the Alice?”

No?  Are you serious?  Honey.  You, and them, are what they’ve been waiting for.  Some people are ready.  Their fire is built – light it and show them how to pass it on.