phenomenal timing

Three to four times a year, the local church puts on a revival conference at Mountain Lake Ranch, which was exactly what I needed on my day off.  imageI didn’t get close to catching up on sleep until last night, but dancers signing to worship songs until one o’clock in the morning doesn’t seem to happen often- at least not in my limited circles.  I’m grateful that it was the weekend I would be staying at the ranch anyway.

This is the third of three weeks that I have here in Eastern TN and it was here in Dandridge that I spent my first week as support staff for AIM.  To try to explain the progression of preparation, the 1st week weaning me into last week in Morristown (about half an hour away), which got me ready to return for this one (which is obviously preparing me for something) is difficult and lengthy but incredible. The connections are too numerous.

I am where I’m supposed to be and came at the perfect time and will be leaving at the perfect time.

It sounds cliché, but man I wish I could explain how awesome this is.  Even to myself.

Now that would be a God story!