forced to wait

I sat at the corner of Munroe Falls and Darrow waiting.  So did they.  We all did, except for that one car that came up beside me to turn right; and that one from across the street that may or may not have broken the law to come across to my left.  As far as I could tell, all four lights were a solid, steady red.

I rolled down my window to listen to the train passing by on the far left, past Mickey Ds but before the park.  During those 2 weeks or so that the intersection was closed, I had debated which side that park was on, having conceded defeat, only to pass and see that I was indeed correct.  Yet like checking googlemaps to verify whether a street I use daily has sidewalks, my instinct remains to not trust my instincts.  They have not yet earned that trust.  They probably never will.

So although I’m not observant, while waiting at this light with the blinker whining, I still observed, took in, appreciated a rare change of pace.  Forced to wait.  Radio off.  A busy intersection soon to be filled with the movie worthy symbols of a fast paced culture, the camera panning in on someone coming in from the right to turn left in front of me and pass me by, as unconcerned with my day as I with his; or hers.  I didn’t see, or maybe I just don’t remember.

Like standing mesmerized in the  doorway of a particularly well designed room in a great gallery, I waited;  enjoying that fleeting moment and wishing I could replay it at whim whenever and for whomever I pleased.

Then the train moved on, the gates went up, and my light turned green.