I think I have an answer, or at least a portion of one of them

& if I post this now, I might even come back to share it.

Approaching the window this morning, Mom pointed at a little yellow body perched on the bag of birdseed hanging out front. “Why, even though we’re so benevolent they’re so elusive?  We feed them and they won’t let us pet them, there’s no relationship”  She asked why God would create them like that. 

After a quick “ok then” smile and nod and a “please tell me you’re kidding- you are kidding, right?” my mind quickly drew the obvious parallels of why God would create us, the human race, like this, so elusive and all, but then it narrowed down why God would create us, those of the female gender, so mysterious and all. 

to be continued.  soon (I hope).