valeō – the meaning of my name

As the blog name has been shortened, the old explanation "ya yep yes" (also named ‘¿ya what now?’ at one point) can finally come down.   Even so, I hesitate to delete it since old writings can tend to clarify, expose and be downright entertaining.

so ill repost it here : *click

Essentially, ya voy means ‘I’m coming’ in Spanish, a language I’m slightly passionate about. (Obsessed sounds better, but it doesn’t line up with my assertions as to the differences between the two).  Voimakas means ‘strong/ powerful’ in Finnish (which is said to be the hardest language) as does Valeria, the Latin root of my name, and what I go by in Latin American countries.

GEDC1915 Valeria comes from the surname Valerius, ‘from Latin valere (“to be healthy, to be strong”)’, which is the ‘present active infinitive of valeō‘ meaning

  1. I am strong.
  2. I am well, healthy.
  3. I am worth.
  4. (Ecclesiastical Latin, Medieval Latin) I can.

(per the oh so helpful  Wiktionary; emphasis added).


Voy means "I go". VOI looks similar to val and I use it for a user id name when my usual first choice is taken.  God has given me a lot of V words lately.

At AIM training last week, we were to practice hearing the voice of God.  Someone closes their eyes, another places a hand on their shoulder and wait, just in case God might have something to say.

Some cool stories have come out of this. GEDC1914

Multiple people have received the person’s name and many times the same thing has been said and confirmed separately  by unrelated people.   I went up to someone I had spoken to earlier that day.  I had confided in her and had shared dreams and hopes and confidence that I’m where I need to be but knew big things were coming but she had no idea it was me standing before her when she gave me the word that immediately came to mind:   Visionary.


She said that I had had the boldness to speak and to preach for a long time and that I needed to step into it.

imageI love You God!


I start crying tears of confirmation.  Not of discouragement or fear or uh……………………………………………………………………………… say what? (sidenote: I found out this morning that, in Mexico, a common way to describe a confused face is to call it a "cara de ‘what’".  I find that quite amusing) but the tears that flow when touched so gently that its surreal; the ones that flow when God tells me something true, really true, and really radical and not at all new.

This is old news, but it’s powerful- to me at least. 


 I’ve been telling the story of dancing and getting people to dance with me at training, where the Helsers led, and the vision (there’s that v word again) of leading worship, singing, picking up the cello every once and a while, and stepping away from the mic to raise both hands in oblivious adoration of my God would not leave me alone. yeah- it’ll be awesome, but I’ll leave that for another post. 

Visionary, valiant, victorious, valeō, vibrant.

Strong, capable, valuable.  The meaning of my name.