the scenic route


With a gentle snore behind me, I click and save and post a cool quote and hyperlink to my “cool” blog, twice, and just spread out on the floor of this hotel room in Berea, KY and wait.

As always, my plans change quickly and frequently, although the main purpose for this particular trip still remains. 

For a while, I thought this would be it for the summer- come and not go back until August.  I have a training session with AIM tomorrow until Tues and then I’d go to my location and that would be that.  In and out, I’m starting to get used to it, its cool. 

For a while, plans included two separate reunions, which extended my 4 day training trip and caused me to ask and receive more time off work.  Those have since been indefinitely postponed, but since we had the time, we (myself, my mother and my younger brother) left yesterday, leaving two and a half days to travel approximately 9 hours worth of distance.

DSC_1032 Even so, a slight not so heated discussion/argument arose when the exit to our highway was blocked up yesterday and we could have but decided not to squeeze in.  Why bother?  The new GPS insisted that we make a u-turn at the earliest convenience, even long after such a route would have been realistic.  We laughed at her (the GPS) and kept going, finding DSC_1040what looked like a short side road that would bring us back to the highway on the old fashioned somewhat more useful real tangible Kentucky map that Mom was smart enough to buy.

Our road was farther than expected, and the side road longer but the view was stunning.

DSC_1062That’s why we came, right?  My younger brother is a photographer.  This is why he came.  To fill up the camera with something different than the normal stuff around home.  Go somewhere and get a few pics that prove that you went somewhere and made an effort to get out of the norm.

So when, surfing the web this morning with cords galore sticking out of the cute 10in rugged laptop, I stumbled upon

Pictures by QT Luong

the Wild Scenics stuff (

I got a little mad/disgusted/discouraged with myself when I hovered over the stumble button with a quick metaphorical flick of the wrist, writing the 217 pages of stunning scenic views as “all the same”.



Tim has a few grand and I can see them for what they are.  I recognize them, show them off.  He just captures another Artist’s work.


& yet I wrote off this man’s work, the hours, years worth of traveling and capturing and appreciating the best of the best in places not many of us get to see as “all the same”. 

I’m sorry.

Not only do I want to be able to appreciate, I want to capture.  I have my own camera now- another, better.  Within the first three days of being in Nicaragua, I let my other be taken but I needed to not be concentrated on taking pictures then.  There I was introduced to a waterproof fancier cam with panoramic capabilities, usually my only real qualification, that would serve me better at a later time.

In Nicaragua plenty of people took plenty of pictures & I had time to draw.

Now, I still have other people taking plenty of pictures, but I want to capture, film, record, remember what comes my way.

How much different would life be if we retained it?

Let’s find out:


As always, my subject changes quickly and frequently, but I think it can still tie together.  Yesterday we got to see the valleys that we normally try so hard to avoid.

b/c we usually take shortcuts, we write the rest off

just skip it.

ooh- Tim wrote a haiku yesterday.

Haikus are easy

Sometimes they do not make sense


I want to remember stuff like that.

The laughter that followed.

there is so much to see and although I truly am grateful for the highways, I’m also grateful for the back roads and for the time to take them.

it doesn’t have to make sense – just enjoy it.