walk. (slowly).

— written to be the answer to Runkeeper‘s question “How’d it go” after a 5 mile walk on the treadmill this evening–

Eagerly awaiting the end of a drama about Darwin ironically entitled ‘Creation’, a power surge brings the movie, and me, to an abrupt halt.  Seconds before I had been running, but even though I had planned to let the 98 1/2 climb to 100 before slowing, I found myself at a mere 1 point — 2 or 3 mph maybe?– when startled by a slight jolt, nothing more. 

This feeling is eerily similar to when a large wooden easel in my Portrait class 2 years ago collapsed and slid straight into where I had been standing but moments earlier.  I had claimed the exact spot where it fell as my own- setting up my paints nearby and placing my canvas upon the easel in front of it.  Yet at the last minute I took my sketchbook and chose another spot for the warm up, just far enough away to be startled but to be able to walk away unhurt.

I cannot claim to be sensitive enough to God’s voice to have moved of my own accord, sensing the impending danger, but I believe, as weird as it sounds, that God moves through us (my fingers almost frantically double, triple clicking the down button), and almost in spite of us (was it laziness/boredom that caused me to slow down?) to protect us. 

Plus I was getting pretty annoyed/bored with the movie and it was pretty much over anyways.  Romans 8:28 lived out.


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