yo me voy

That phrase just doesn´t get any easier, to hear or say.  I´ve stayed in Granada for most of my two something weeks here in Nicaragua, with the exception of the first night in Managua and of course my weekend getaway al mar and although I´ll be in country for another two weeks or so, yo me voy y no.  No puedo regresarme porque voy a reunir con una brigada en lunes y despuès ir con ellos.

The teams coming on Monday so once I`m in Managua I`m planning on staying there and leaving with them.  It´s easier that way- no concerns over getting myself to the airport etc.  When praying about whether I could tell people for sure, sì, ya me voy hoy even though I hadn`t yet heard from my Managua contact, I just again got that peace that today`s the day and to stay any longer is just loitering.  I needed to come and I`m glad I did, but my work is not here and I cannot stay.

Sure enough, a bunch of the long termers were going to be heading up to Managua today anyways in order to renew their Visas- which happens to be done in a mall so if I end up having to wait its in a safer place than a crowded bus stop.

I love ya God!

So yep, ya me voy but I know I`ll be back.  I`m sure I`ll always be back- I just can`t promise when.  Cuando Dios manda.