Destapa la felicidad

Honestly I don´t know what that means and when someone repeated it outloud after seeing it sketched into my journal, I was too embarrassed to ask.  Still, that phrase is everywhere because coke is sold everywhere and all of the vending machine like containers look the same. 

As you might have seen on fb, la camerá se fue by the third day so if this trip was the purpose of recording, reporting, putting together a nifty little video as I had considered the first few days, I have failed, but I do not apologize.  Even my notes, journal entries, drawings leave so much out.  There is so much here that I´d love to capture and hold onto but I cannot so I will not try.

So instead I flip through the journal, the random thoughts, revelations, and try to remember the circumstances surrounding them. 

expect it, this not b/c I deserve it, but b/c I know who they are.  Expect God to show up not because I deserve it but b/c of who He is.

Underneath I have a drawing of the home in which that Coke machine stands and underneath a sketch of the bottle itself with the insides exploding out next to that somewhat mysterious phrase. 

Last Thurs I went to Leon with a pastor friend with the assumption that I´d meet up with another friend who goes to school in Leon but lives with his grandmother in Chinadega, an extra half hour farther or so towards the Pacific.  Friday morning, I have the choice of returning to Granada with my pastor friend or going on to Chinadega solita, despite not having heard from the kid I´m supposed to be staying with.  Flashbacks of curious, worried minds asking who would pick me up from the airport flooded back and I knew I was to go on. 

Some friends of the pastor were on the same bus, I called my friends family who got me a hold of the grandma who put an English speaking cousin who just so happened to have just gotten in from my old neighborhood, good óle LA, we walked a lot, went to the beach, got a little sick, just a little, and it was an awesome weekend. 

cuando llama alguien, es porque tiene un proposito – cuando Dios llamé a Moses era porque quisó libertar a Israel.

Surrounding a little drawing of a pulpit and Pastor Flores standing behind it, a few notes from his sermon my first Sunday night here remind me why I´m here.  I´ve needed quite a bit of reminding.  When [God] calls someone, it’s because he has a purpose- when God called Moses, it was because He wanted to free Israel.

 I’m not claiming to be Moses but a Moses, a Abram who was asked to leave without any hint as to where (s)he might be heading.  I can tell you the basics, this night I slept at that house, but so much has been so personal.  As I alluded to earlier, a certain church service was just picking up when my tired, time sensitive gringa mind was ready to be done so, although I know this makes no sense to most, I really was released, led outside, and asked to just spend some solo time with my Lord.  Then He showed me Orion, which looks different, has a few extra sparkles depending on the place but has been a constant throughout the years, and underneath it an Allstate towel which would mean absolutely nothing to anyone else in that room or even to most of you.  It meant a lot to me.

So I’m not a reporter, photographer, videographer (la camerá) se fue), storyteller, painter, etc. or pretty much anything that means [that] this time here is [not] to be relived by many others later.  It’s to be lived now.  Which means while Dalia sits and writes ‘por fin logró dibujar la cara alegre de su perrito´I´ll enjoy her company.

Moment by moment, day by day, Spirit-led.  Preparation essential but not always understandable.


ThatThat (frustrating machine wont unitalics it) too is a really cool story and Id love to sit down with you face to face to share it.

Hasta luego