I´m glad I love hugs because last night I received at least 3 from each of the attendants of a relatively small church service where the guest speaker was yours truely.  Later they said that my Spanish was cute, that a few cositas were off but amusing because they had never heard anyone speak like that but that regardless they enjoyed it.  It went well.  I don´t have time to go into details since its starting to get dark, but orion + allstate towel in backyard + perfect outline of speech on wall in nicaraguan home when i had less than an hour and no idea what to talk about = muy tuani = really cool.

Mom, feel free to post details. Please.  Yep, I called from my cell this morning and it was awesome.

So, I watched a Tom and Jerry with both working together saving a girl from a burning fire, dubbed in Spanish, but then the next episode was normal speechless trying to kill each other.  I picked up a friends daughter from school, but instead of getting into a car we just walked back to her house, where I had spent the last two nights.  I spent a day anda paseando or something like that- doing errands, going grocery shopping, getting a feel for normal life.  I bought more pens because my old ones ran out of ink already although theyre both less than 2 weeks old.

Asi es la vida.

Necesito correr pero hasta luego!