It´s only about 9 am, but it feels closer to 1 or 2, considering that I just came from a team lunch (breakfast) at Kathy´s, its already 28° and the city is bustling.  The athens team is already leaving tomorrow and another is coming in soon.  Spring break really isn´t long at all!  As for myself, I´m 1) grateful that school is not a reality for me at this point 2) almost wishing it was and 3) going back and forth between the sentiments of feeling 2 weeks is not enough time to get everything in and that I´m at risk of overstaying my welcome and should get going too.

Just like last year, when the Athens team knocked me out of a funk, this team has been incredible and something that I´ve really been learning is to accept hospitality when its offered.  You have not because you ask not.  It´s been wonderful to just hang out with them, pick up and emminate some of their energy, talk.  I keep thinking of Audrey- a girl I didn´t really get to know but led me to where I am now simply by being there in Austria on my first trip.  She was an intern, staying there for 6 months to help out wherever needed and her influence, among that of a few others of course, sent me searching for something longer term.  I found AIM, they brought me here, God brought me back and as I´ve mentioned before, I´m still learning why, but the reasons keep coming.

I haven´t really gotten to know anybody from the team, but I have to wonder whether even just being here makes a difference, even a small one.  Even if it lights a flickr of a spark that might so happen to get enough oxygen to turn into a flame which then turns into a fire when the Spirit blows over it, I´d be escatic.  They´d probably never mention or even notice it, so I´m going to choose to be escatic anyways knowing that thats how things roll around here.

One of the members of last years athens team came back over the summer and then again this winter until july and as we were talking over breakfast, he mentioned that its not hard to come back because it just feels like another home, not like a trip.

I must echo that- first day tenia muchos abrazos- a lot of hugs and acknowledgement that its been a while, but in many cases it feels like I haven´t skipped a beat.  I wander around El Puente and talk with the workers, go next door and ask for cacoa – a six cord (25 cents ish) chocolatey drink in a plastic bag tied around a straw.  I walk back up the steps hand in hand with Nathalia- one of the translators- singing Cambiaré mis tristezas- I´m trading my sorrows- at the top of our lungs and laughing as I trip over the first half and she over the 2nd half of ¨estamos atribulados pero nunca derrotados…¨

One of the men that came with the team works for AIM and goes on countless trips and says he really feels called to the American church and that too echos what I´ve been hearing and seeing for myself lately.  Taking kids, people, jovenes, out of there environment, shaking them up a bit, injecting some energy and passion into them so that they can turn around and inject it into their friends etc etc.  I can´t do a week though.  It´s official — I´m definitely not ready to leave tomorrow.


I don´t know what I´ve mentioned to whom- what has been written before, but I´d love to go to a place for 3 months on my own and then lead a 3 month trip.  Habitually.  That phrase sounds familiar.  It might be in my journal, it might be here but yeah.  That´d be awesome.  Come home in between or visit a second or third home.  yes.  pipe dreams can come true.


vamos a ver