así es la vida

¡Buenas!  Sí soy yo- Valería- and of course as I stood in El Puente´s doorway Tues afternoon, having arrived here in Granada only moments beforehand with just enough time to delight and hug and get the basics out of the way with the workers, a familiar truck pulled up in front of the main steps and before long that name was yelled once again.

I had been on the same plane as the AIM team currently staying at the base, the team that that truck was bringing back from the dump to feed gallo pinto (rice and beans) and a little bit of bread to the people who work and even live there, but had only introduced myself and warned them that I´d be popping in and out so it was their translators that I really wanted to see.  God´s timing is and always has been perfect.  As mom mentioned I wanted to stop by Café Email but since it was closed I got to see the translators in the short window before they left again.  (I´m at another internet café in town).

So what to say?  All really is well – I was picked up in Managua by Daniel and Beatriz Klaehn and after a stop at Micky Ds was taken to their home introduced to their beautiful children.  I´ve been drawing quite a bit and Mia, the three year old helped me out on a few pieces.   After dropping by the school where Daniel is the director/ one of the professors he took me to the bus station and, whereas I´m used to having to wait and try not to fall into laps and was told I´d have to cross the street and so on, there was an express bus/van straight ahead, with empty seats.  $1 or 20 cords for an hour bus ride vs 15 or 20 or more for taxis or private tourist traps.  Daniel saw me off and all was well- one enclosed safe vehicle to another and I´ve stayed in Granada, in the jicaro office, ever since.

Btw jicaro is this …. Thing that falls from trees here and make awesome bracelets, candles etc.  There are two rocking chairs and a table and two of the guys from the team surprised me with an actual bed and it used to house a worker so there´s a shower in the next room over and other than the entire arm/leg(s) full of bites, its perfect.  But as I said in Mexico- they bother everyone else more than me.

So yep.  Since there´s a team staying at the base, I generally eat with them and have been able to join them as I so choose, such as yesterday when some girls knocked and came into ´my room´in order to look at the jicaro, said that they were going to the nursing home and I ended up being able to be an additional translator so they could split into smaller groups and introduce them to some of my friends there- not to mention have an amazing conversation with their regular translator on our walk there at a time that she really needed someone to talk to.  God´s timing is impeccable.

Just as before I left I´m still talking around/ blowing off the question what will you be doing/ how long will you be here/ etc etc etc but I can tell you although I know few details- ill be in Managua to spend the weekend with the Klaehns April 1st and meet Akron 1st April 4th and that’s about it- I can guarantee things will pop up.

Weds. morning I sat in a friends living room holding her newborn  and looking confused as something got lost in internal translation.  Last night I sat on El Puente´s steps and caught up with a Pastor here, this afternoon I cut a mango and handed a piece to my host´s child and Mon evening I drew pictures on the concrete with the chalk that had just been taken out of a one year olds mouth- again.

Asi es la vida.  Such is life.  Amen.  Let it be so.