Val arrived and thriving

Hi, this is Val’s Mom.  Sorry about the late post.  Val took off 6:45 Monday morning, and I heard from her Tues. afternoon.  She’d already been from Granada to Managua where she had spent Monday night and was back again  at El Puente by the time she called.  She said the internet cafe that her team had always used was not an internet cafe anymore, so she was unable to post  Tuesday as planned.

She will have so many stories to tell, but there’s one that can’t get away.  We had met the parents of an AG missionary in Managua at the airport at 4:15 Monday morning, in order to receive a crate that was being checked in Val’s care.  Val would accompany it from the Granada airport to the Managua location where Daniel the missionary was working.  A friend of his ‘just happened’ to be going that direction, so could give her a ride.  She got to see the school in action, one session of which was Daniel (English) teaching Biblical Greek to Spanish students in English.  She”d already studied a little Greek, so was on track with it all.  Wow!  She took a bus back to Granada on Tuesday to stay at El Puente that night, and would connect with Brittany for the next segment.

One day in and she’s already seeing those little God-happenings.  It is going to be an awesome story.

I expect her to call in occasionally, IF  I can get the kinks out of my Skyping.  She’s my techie, and she’s not here to tell me how to do it.

We will keep you as up-to-date as possible.   I’m sure that there’s going to be more than can ever be said in these posts.  I’d love her to be able to do it herself, but she did not take the computer with her.  And since the cafe no longer has internet, the availability is going to be unpredictable.  Bear with us for this short time of playing relay with her stories, and then be sure to ask ALOT of questions when she’s back.

Bye for now, Cherry