welcome to my humble abode


Among other last minute preparations, some housecleaning is (was?) definitely in order.  That said, I apologize in advance for the mess since the aforementioned cleaning will not be completed before I leave (6:45 am March 14th). Please forgive any wacky formatting (which comes out different on each screen >:l ), any incoherent thoughts (quite common), and so on.  This, among some prewritten ones, will be the last crazy strange fonted odd one out, but no te preocupes- dont worry, I’ll be back soon (4-14).

Welcome to my virtual home.

Unedited, unscripted and quite …  normal (ish).


You might see me as brave, crazy, lucky.

I see myself as brave, crazy, lucky, blessed, generous and gracious because you have shown grace to me.

All I can say, to you, to Nica, & to my God is “here I am”.

Take it as you will.


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