Sunday – Part 2*

I’m going back. I’ve known this.**

I’m still not ready.

*See Part 1

**see Holy Guacamole

Please pray.

As mentioned, oh, about 450 words* ago or so, I’ve prewritten some somewhat vague, colorful, intriguing, picturously saturated blogs so that you wont get too bored when i suddenly start injecting aim style stuff.  Long, picture-less, formatless but possibly powerful stories.

I’m going to have some really powerful stories.

Its inevitable.

but I still need you to be praying. Please.

Next week, Monday, March 14th, early Am, Too early, I will board a plane with no clear idea, barely even a vague idea, at what the next month will look like.  Foreign country, currency, language.

i cannot guarantee regular posts, to use the internet one goes to a cafe.  I have not yet decided whether I’m bringing the small travel sized laptop I bought for its sturdy travel-friendly qualities meaning, for one thing, that i have not yet decided whether to invest the time in prewriting posts to be uploaded at a cafe.

I have not yet decided many, many things.

Side note:  Caps feels like shouting.

How can I keep from shouting your name?”

(I can’t, but back to as generic of a font as I can go:)

2nd sidenote: everything looks sooo much cooler in windows livewriter.

my fonts dont translate 😦

actually they translate differently based on the computer.  hmm….

This morning we heard testimonies, stories, powerful stories.  No slideshows, no pictures, visuals, limited use of hands, a few choked up words, but only words.  This morning, we wrote testimonies.  Blank paper being filled with words.  A silent class for maybe the second or third time in my short term quite limited memory.

No crayons.  No colors.  No sharing.  The class will share in two weeks, but I will not be there. I’m going back to Nicaragua and although I keep saying I’m scared, I’m really not.  I feel like I should be scared, but there is no fear.  As of right now.

One of the verses that was mentioned this morning, more than once, was Revelation 12:11: “And they [the brothers, martyrs, Christians] have conquered him [the enemy, Satan] by the blood of the Lamb [Jesus!] and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death” (ESV).

they conquered him. together. be praying. Please.

We joked, but in sincere gratitude that this did not come to pass, that if any of the blood of Christ had been saved it would be a pretty high and lofty relic.  These are some pretty high and lofty words.  Their stories had some serious umph.

Something happened and word spreads fast when driven by passion and energy and truth.  (False stories spread fast too, but mainly when driven by passion and fury and an energy that quickly leads to the assumption that its true).

I’ve often wondered how many stories I could have if I had been, would be continuously, obedient.

Middle of the night grocery store run turned miraculous.

It’s never happened to me, and honestly I’m not completely sure I’ve wanted it to, but it could and I believe it will.  Walk by faith, the knowing that our hope is grounded, firm, true; and not by sight, plans, worries.

That’s what this next month, these last few years, this particular life is all about. I’ve used 522 words on a blog post about going back to Nicaragua and all you know is that I’ve been there before and next Monday I’m going back on my own this time.  I even neglected to mention that last part because it should scare me and might scare you.  I honestly don’t know much more.

About a month ago I sectioned off a page in my journal for a calendar entitled, “[my] very very very very tentatively roughly sketched quite incomplete possible schedule” and it really doesn’t look much better or more filled in than it did then.

That’s why I need you to pray.

When one steps out in faith, he, she is commissioned, sent, and cannot go alone alone.

I’ll post updates and stories and testimonies and words of encouragement for everyone, but this post in particular is being steered towards my brothers and sisters, even the ones I don’t know about yet.  (As in the last line of the AIM post, Never Alone).


I’m not here, as of this moment, to convince those that haven’t already seen, of the power of prayer.

I’m just feeling a deep need to swallow my pride and let those who already know help me.  Emotionally, spiritually, even financially if you so desire.


I’m going back. I’ve known this.**

I’m still not ready.

but I will be and can be and am already excited to share the stories that will come out of this.

be praying. Please.


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