sunday (part 1)

image Much of this afternoon has been spent decorating another’s definition of cool, hiding a not so shiny gem in the archives of this blog for those who do indeed use the random post finder (♪ ♫ just keep clicking ♫ ♪) and might so happen to  image across it, stumbling upon pictures and a few cool finds myself and prewriting posts to be automatically published two, and three and nine, and thirty one days from now.


I’ve spiced up others’ words and mechanical finds and these words and these finds and yes.  I have given cause to think – at least a little (although it’ll be a few days before the published posts catch up with the written ones so I know it doesn’t look like it and most of these links probably won’t, shouldn’t, better not work.  Yet.). 



dream journal


  • I have made bullet points regarding sheep.
  • I have written nothing personal.

    Is that bad?  I’ve calmed (ha), ok addressed the universal desire to be loved and artistically acknowledged God as artistic scientist through the use of well placed images that may or may not be seen as well placed on the reader’s projection of this part of the cyber sphere. 

 image And even 205, 206, 207 words into this particular post, you still know nothing particular about my day.  Nothing unique.  Nothing about me.


I’m assuming that’s ok.  For most.  It’s safer this way.

Yet some might have come here because you know me.

What are you looking for?

Really.  I took off the comments just in case I spit out something controversial because I can’t stand quarreling but I still want to know. 

Pictures, stories, drawn out commentaries, or popcorn style thinking? I have yet to find the right balance. 

To be honest, I have no clue what your attention span is.

All I have to go off of is mine (& observations of my generation)

Are you part of my generation?

Have you come to hear about Nicaragua?  Are you one of the faithful few that endured my long AIM posts?

Some might have come because you know me.

Is the lack of coherent, concrete information disappointing?  Intriguing? Disturbing? Annoying? Boring?

Does my busyness, business impress, interest you>

Or are you as bored as I am with all the white space and are ready for another picture?



What happened to you when I said Nicaragua?  Did a failed geography quiz from the fourth grade come back more cruelly than ever?  I’m sorry. 

Can you pronounce it?  A lady at work can’t.

Is it old news because you knew I went but have not been told I’m going back? A week from tomorrow.

Are your eyes less angry because there is a spot of blue in the previous sentence nicely correlating with the blue in that girls mind map or tired because of the changes in font size?

Does this remind you of A Self- Referential Story? Did you read it?  All of it?  There are no pictures.

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