“Cool is: something sleek, simple and bold, that feels effortless.”




The headline implies that there is a “body” whose anatomy you can analyze. The whole point of cool is that it does not have a body available for analysis. It’s like a ghost instead of a corpse. That’s why it is cool.  thecoolhunter.net

  • “the audacity to be different for reasons that don’t need to be articulated image& unconsciously achieving it.
  • effortless style, a hint of madness and

heaps of attitude


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  • cool is what stands up – what makes you take a notice and appreciate something beyond the norm. When you see a product or a design or creation and your mind just screams at the want of it – or the appreciation to understand it more fully – that is cool.



          • the art of not needing to try to be it, of possessing enough confidence in your own ideas and style to turn heads.
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  • the new ideal; it is moving confidently forward into a better future, assured that things to come will be better.



[By} the time you spend to define what cool is,

cool is [has] already gone somewhere else.

Welcome in [to?] the tiring cycle of coolness. 🙂

~the cool hunter; http://www.thecoolhunter.net/