there is never nothing going on


image Even two years after being shown a clip from


the Peaceful Warrior, I still haven’t seen the movie.  Even so, the image of a flying dog catching a Frisbee in slow mo comes to mind quite often.  There’s always something going on.

I think that’s what the experimental post, Saturday, was meant to be about.  To record and notice and pay attention to what we often ignore, not just the object or circumstance themselves but the feelings associated and the links that cause them.  The destruction of my fine formatting makes me sad, but did the links work?


This entire blog is still experimental.  As I warn in עָזִּ֤י וְזִמְרָת֙ יָ֔הּ וַֽיְהִי־ לִ֖י לִֽישׁוּעָ֑ה זֶ֤ה אֵלִי֙ וְאַנְוֵ֔הוּ אֱלֹהֵ֥י אָבִ֖י וַאֲרֹמְמֶֽנְהוּ׃ (the Hebrew text of Exodus 15:2a) I’m too scattered brained to have a central topic, but there’s always something going on.  See Fig A for a sampling of the wide variety of internal suggestions of how to portray even the smallest portion of such.  Any external?