is currently being followed by a biting pink sheep

This morning I awoke under the distinct impression that a pink sheep had just tried to trip me.  It was spread out in a doorway that a friend had just passed, stretched out in the entrance of a room I could not enter.  The shop owner, complete with roller blades and poodle dress, invited me in but her guard sheep said no.  I tried again- remembering all those lambies that I received as a child, cute and innocent and toothless.  It attacked.

My friend was not wearing a coat- I was – and at that moment it felt like I had just walked into the Mythbusters episode wearing that bulky bite suit meant to withstand big teeth.   Slightly amused, slightly disconcerted I tried to shake it off.  It followed me.  We were on a wooden porch on a boardwalk and I fruitlessly shut the gate and started down the steps only to find it reattached within seconds, having slipped effortlessly through the prongs.  While shaking it off again, I thought about the status that I’d post if I had a fancy phone, wondered if anyone with a fancy phone had already shown the world and even though already annoyed at the thought of being all over youtube, was still glad it was me instead of anyone else.  At least, even if not intentionally, I had come prepared and it could not hurt me.

Take it as you will.  I could launch into an attempted literary analysis full of cross references to childhood symbols and yesterday’s actions, but take it as you will.  I found it amusing.


One thought on “is currently being followed by a biting pink sheep

  1. ok val here goes dream on
    at first i thought it was he enemy keeping you from going on or keeping you back out of or from something but after the second reading Ithink it is God using this form to keep you away from something that you shouldn’t be into. this form pink sheep is blocking nudging bitting not hurting you not fearful of . I see at all but getting the point across to you clearly. I see He is saying gently clearly don’t go ther .Um I believe this to be dreams Seems simple to me se don’t dwell on them so much. Interpertation comes easily and usually when asked or discerened when necessary. Thanks be to God who knows all things. Take it as yiu will MR JIM

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