Day Off

 Thursday October 14th, 1:24 pm


If everyone in our Engl. class who should stay home actually did, there would basically be no class  – 3-7-2006


No.  I’m not sick, but I should be considering the germs that have been passed around the last few weeks.  It’s been intense. 

Even so, I am home three hours earlier than normally, actually six considering I usually go straight from work to school to pick up the 6 year old I watch.

This is not paid time off.  Two years ago, I had PTO galore- and didn’t use it.  Now, it feels strange that the sight of 1:34, which used to signify that the work day had just started and now represents a meager 26 minutes until the daily 2 o’clock deadline, brings no sense of urgency.  Nothing has to be done right now.  An insured is not yelling in my ear to welcome in a new day.  A last minute check is not being dropped on my desk.

No worries.  We’re just slow.  Everything that had to be done by two was processed by lunch.  We’ll probably be backed up tomorrow, but as I rest, I wander back to words buried in some journal somewhere.  In response to a desperate “I can’t afford to be sick” my oh so wise younger brother pipes up “Nonsense.  Of course you can.  Honestly- are you really that important?” or something like that.  I’ll find it eventually.

Regardless of the exact words, the point is still the same.  Routines are meant to be broken.  The world keeps spinning even if I duck out for a day.  Enjoy free time, even if unpaid.


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