I like to pretend that I’m an organizational junkie, or at least somewhat organized.  At least that I can be. I like looking at the high tech sites that are supposed to help meet that goal of micromanaging everything, if only you use their software. 

Some I just find and keep in a long list of unorganized favorites.  Like  Unintentionally ironic. 

Some I hold onto, just in case I’ll ever find a use for it.  Searching the web on a vague inkling that a site exists is not fun.  One of these days I might print out the compact calendar or find a use for a pocket mod.  It really is a good idea.  I might make one or two or twenty eventually.

I know, I know.  Downloading and uninstalling and registering for everything under the sun probably aren’t recommended, ok definitely not, but I have found a few sites that were worth the trouble. 

Including Smarty Pig.

Although an untraditional name for a bank, this is legit.  FDIC regulated and all that.  Created to wean the brave off of flirting with the dangerously alluring concept of ‘buy now, pay later’, those that choose to save for large items are rewarded with a little extra if they choose to cash out using one of many affiliate companies. 

That was one of the stash away in the back of my mind until I come up with a use for it sites.  (Smarties…Intelligence… something about cows… )


Also, while we’re at it, check out Mint. Now that makes the color hungry, chart savvy, organized wannabe side of me really happy!


What are some of your favorites?


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