remember enough of the past and know enough of the present to avoid … how much is enough?

image Where U.S. Workers Come From

I rediscovered the NYTimes today. 
Once upon a time, when it was seemingly the only site not blocked at work, I read, learned some history, some ‘now’, saw a few patterns that could suggest a tomorrow.
It’s been a while.

 image  imageimageimageimage

A while back I wrote about the Dumbest Generation, hoping that I wasn’t apart of it.  Tough luck.  I met someone in Office Max this afternoon that just started talking about his daughter’s school project and Vietnam and then about then how anyone who controls a nation’s economy through increasing and decreasing inflation should be convicted of treason and then that the Fed is owned by a private corporation and the more he talked the more I felt bad about how little I know.  I knew I don’t know much about much of anything, but I honestly don’t see that changing too drastically any time soon. 

I’m not interested in trivia.  Reading the encyclopedia does not sound like fun.   

What’s the difference between useless knowledge and worthwhile and essential awareness?


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