holy guacamole

How to Avoid Being an Idiot

by Pastor Matt Skifstad


F.M. Young Adult MinistryInstead of my botching an attempt to summarize the last month at FM, the young adult group at VLC, I’ve provided a link to the current series that has me, once again, laughing in pure delight and marveling at my Daddy’s impeccable timing.

God is so cool.

The last few weeks have each directly related to the most pressing issue on my mind for that current moment, repeating and confirming what had been said at dinner that night or in the car on the way, and tonight was no exception.


Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

Mt 5:37, James 5:12

Exactly one year after leaving home, the verse that was cited to me by a Nicaraguan friend when given a wishy washy answer as to whether I’d ever return rings a powerful bell.

One day after saying yes, the verse that has been running through my mind all week comes up again as another powerful confirmation that I’m not making it all up.

April.  Exactly 1 year after returning to that friend with God’s permission to say yes, after sensing that He’d give me the time, resources, and drive to go but I’d have to make it happen, I will be back in that city I love with the people that I can’t stop thinking about.

Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

Yes.  I am going.  It’s more than that though.

As  part of the call to integrity, Matt mentioned writing out our commitments so it’s not just sentimental church emotional experience that gets forgotten three minutes later.

I planned to do that in the privacy of my own journal, but alas, God wouldn’t have it.

Just like I was to tell multiple Nicaraguans yesterday that I’d be back after sending the email to the missions director so that I wouldn’t ‘come to my senses’ in a sense and recant, this needs to be done in front of witnesses.  Even knowing this is here in the archives and not in the back of my closet buried under two dozen other journals makes a big difference.  We need accountability.

One night in Mexico, every person was given a small sheet of paper to write either a simple yes or no.  Our schedule was being divinely altered and the leaders wanted to make sure we didn’t plow ahead on what might seem like a wild goose chase without unanimous approval.

So Yes.  I’m in.  I am going.  I will go. Stand. Raise my hand, even if I have to close my eyes to drown out the feelings of all eyes on me, I will let myself stand out.  I will take both the proper credit and blame; accept both responsibility and honor.  Yes.  The concept still creeps me out.  I’m still prone to blow You off but You have asked me to dream big dreams and I’m all in.  There’s no backing out now.  Thank You for Your merciful patience, Your wise guidance, Your sweet & challenging words.  Thank You for Your intimidating call and I trust You enough to give me the endurance and ability to answer.


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