Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday +

While searching for the picture at the right (I watched Moby Dick last night and figured an image of their unique platform might spark a rant—I mean well crafted essay), I found the image used as a somewhat connected launching pad for a analysis of sermons in general.

Clichés, truisms, platitudes – no sermon is complete without them.from Faith and Theology- On sermons: a rant.

Fair enough.  What kinda gets me though, is his description of the vast number of sermons, lessons, & teachings (feel free to put your own label on it to avoid clichéd speech), that he heard every week.

“1 at Sunday morning church – 1 at Sunday night church – 1 at Monday morning chapel – 1 at Wednesday morning chapel – 3 at Wednesday night church (the pastor’s son tended to fit at least this many sermons into one go) – 1 at Friday morning chapel – 6 in Homiletics courses…” (

Now, home on a Wednesday night myself for the first time in what seems like years (even in Nicaragua I had a Weds. night Vida Joven bible study), I’m left to my restless mind and an eager computer- ready to spit right back out whatever I feed it.

So, maybe for the sole reason of hearing the sound of my own keystrokes, I´ll provide my own detailed analysis of the oversaturation of the Christian demographic living in the postmodern age.  Or not.

I’m all for learning and growing and being with each and all that, but in all seriousness, most Christians are oversaturated. Fifteen or sixteen or four or five weekly messages really  aren’t necessary.  Even 1 can get old after a while.  Frankly, we´ve heard it all before and as I remember whining a few months before leaving for Nica, it´s hard to find a passion for something we´ve always known. Blindly spit a few things back out without listening and gradually, words that were once carefully well crafted are used two too many times and are just seeping out in the form of jargon and clichés and what we like to call Christianese when accusing others of not being real.

by Ken Sakata; Let those years or days or half hour of information overflow out in pure praise.  Oh the joy that that brings!  Yeah, I know.  I let the system get to me, using a churchy word, two even.  I´m talking about a joy I can´t understand.  but I´ve felt it.  and it´s cool.

Christianese is just a pidgin language based off of the real Romance language in which God alone is truly fluent, but man does He love to show it off and speak those poetic words into our ears.  The pidgin helps us understand the real thing.  Learning to recognize new words takes time, but not the same type that 15-16 sermons require.  Listening to a language for years yet saying nothing doesn´t constitute you as a speaker. Practice saying something back.  No rote memorization of phrases with no significance attached, but instead take advantage of free one on one conversational tutoring with the expert.


One thought on “Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday +

  1. It’s amazing what you can learn listening to the same sermon, or series of sermons, repeatedly. It’s completely different from hearing/reading multiple sermons every week. It’s the same with the Bible. You can read one verse and spend a week on it, or you can read 4 chapters a day and retain nothing.

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