friend of a friend



The sidebar told me that people need to know.  We should be able to click on this man’s face and see his life story, weird habits and/or addictive behaviors (usually along the lines of achieving the much coveted status of turtle jockey, scoffing about the deterioration of [fill in the blank], checking on the size of a clip art watermelon, etc.), and thereby know a little more about him and in turn come to know him, or at least the voice that seeps through his status.




This is Eddy. Many people stop us when we try to talk to Eddy, and they tell us to stop trying, “El es loco y no entiende nada” But i know he can understand us. He has his good days GEDC0731and his bad days. On the bad days all he can say is “Tengo hambre” and “Llevame cafe” (Im hungry bring me coffee) over and over and over, sometimes screaming it. But on his good days, he will hold our hand and talk to us about his family and we pray for him.


Again, my mind wanders.  I’m sweeping those floors, mopping only to have the Nicaraguan heat dry it up and leave it looking dirtier than ever.

I’m thanking the nuns for their patience with my poor sweeping skills & limited ability to communicate.  I’m advising them that I won’t be back Monday at 9.


Tues October 19th

The others thought we were crazy.  Sometimes I thought we were crazy.  The longer we stuck around, mopped in that corner of Hogar de Ancianos, the greater the risk that he would fall of his chair.   Touch his hand and he might hit yours.  Hard.

Communication was limited, at best.  Other than ‘cafe’, I never was sure what he was trying to say, but sometimes, even from the other side of the building, I thought I heard him yell Valeria.  Adriana.



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