mañana por la mañana

The same restless energy runs through me.

I’m a brand new fourth grader in a temporary apartment complex, with an empty backpack, walking through the narrow hallways trying to mimic the two turns that would get her to classroom 13, Miss Killeen.  It’s hard to forget, but it would stink to get lost on the first day of school.

I’m in Mr. Brown’s empty eighth grade science room, my home room.  Waiting.

A new graduate, calling home as soon as she reaches the parking lot (not by choice) to assure her mother that yes, indeed, she endured the middle of the afternoon 10 minute highway drive and safely arrived at her destination, her first job. 

My exit off that highway is currently closed so I’m arriving from the different direction tomorrow.  I used to know exactly how long it would take, but the route has changed, the time has changed.  Arriving at 6 am, I won’t have to leave at least 10 extra minutes to make it in from the back of the parking lot.  Rush hour might make up for that.  I don’t know.

This same peacefully restless energy was felt December 31st, 2008, right before I was about to take a few more calls and turn in my badge, only to walk out of a building that I thought I’d never reenter.

I knew that I had been given something amazing, that I had made the most of it, and that period was ending.  I was excited for what would come next.


An amazing period is ending.  It was a gift.


  Allstate, the first time around, was a gift.  A challenge, a blessing, a dare to try something new. 

The chance to leave gracefully was a gift.  Tri-C, Mexico, Nicaragua.  Everything in perfect timing.  My needs are different now.  Before, I had morning classes and empty evenings.  The night schedule worked wonderfully.  Now I have full evenings and empty mornings.  God knew.  His timing is perfect.

As for what I’ll actually be doing there, vamos a  ver.  We’ll see, but God already knows, and that’s good enough for me.


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