cross referencing

As is often the case around here, I picked up one of the many books starting to pile up on the coffee table and started reading.  As is also quite common, that book is now at a coffee shop in my brother’s backpack, but as he was the one to check it out, I guess I’ll live.

Cosmic Codes, by Chuck Missler, speaks of PIXAR References on steroids.  Well, not quite, but as I wrote earlier, I quite enjoyed an overview of references to other PIXAR films hidden in even just one scene of Toy Story 3 and the biblical hidden ‘codes’ does likewise, except that the references span thousands of years versus a decade and a half and are brilliantly integrated into the very fabric of the work itself.

imageNow I do wish to be careful, that we don’t read too much between the lines, drawing assumptions from what might be a frequent occurrence.  With that said, a few otherwise frequent occurrences have been found together, in a way that makes coincidental happenings quite unlikely (Less than 1 in 2.259 x 10 ^ 275).

Isaiah 52/53 foretells events surrounding Jesus’ death, and by counting intervals between the Hebrew letters, experts have found the names of all of the disciples (not including Judas, but instead his replacement, Matthew) and of the others who were at his crucifixion, in addition to dozens of other key words and phrases. ¡TUANI! (Nica for cool).

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