99% – almost a perfectly ripe tomato.  Cleverly loaded with multidimensional meaning, PIXAR´s Toy Story 3 comic appeal spans generations.

Then, in traditional PIXAR fashion, they hide goodies that are sure to fly over everyone´s head, such as memorabilia from previous movies in the background, or a map of the states with the producer’s homes marked.  More ‘easter eggs’.


Riding one relatively related tangent, I find the work of Juan Pablo Bravo, who puts years worth of movies and memories side by side in a fascinating size comparison chart.  I claim I don’t particularly care for movies, and yet I’ve seen and loved almost all of them and when well done their artistry and genius quickly wins me over. 


Which film/character has been your favorite?  Have you noticed any changes over the years, perhaps in how you watch or relate to the characters?  For example, I saw Andy back in ‘95 as my big brother but now his character is the age of my younger brother.  It’s weird watching him pack for his freshman year in college, knowing that that could have been me 3 years ago had I chosen that path.

It’s cool though- to see familiar pieces of a time long gone put together again and made new.  It’s refreshing.



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