Don’t trust anyone under 30.

image Thinking my automatic save every 3 minutes button on Live Writer was still pressed, I spent the last, maybe hour or so, writing a blog, complete with pictures and links galore, about The Dumbest Generation by Mark Bauerlein only to have it disappear.  Oops.

I wrote about attention spans and word limits and dangling a retractable mouse while typing with one hand to distract the lonely cat who would otherwise return to whining at my sleeping brothers door.

I googled stuff and linked to the formal definition of’ ‘to google’, which sadly proves (via the oh so trustworthy Wikipedia) that the spell check is slightly outdated and shouldn’t throw a squiggly line fit every time I use that word.  image


Sad – I know.

The really sad thing is, I have another hour to waste on it if I wanted to.  Another 3, 4 hours in fact.  I have all day.

The enticing threat that I might be starting work at 6 am sharp this morning didn’t pan out, so here I am with another spring break and the promise that as of a week from Monday, I’ll be back to almost a school like schedule, but with no homework and few extracurricular activities.

Even after I finally start to work full time once again, I’ll still have a lot of free time.  Too much.

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I’ve been trying to use the time in a way that won’t make me feel as if another summer has been wasted.  To see it as a blessing.  As something I’ll miss once it’s gone. 


I’ll defend myself (or find more in Bauerl’s book to agree with) later. Right now, as of 10:15 am, I’m already sick of looking at a computer screen and need to go find something else to do.  Don’t worry Mark – I’m thinking more along the lines of Latino literature than tv.


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