See full size imageAs you might have guessed, my humble opinion is a lot just sounds cooler in Spanish.  (In fact all of my AIM blogs had titulos en español).  After all, it is similar to Italian, which instead of adopting the largest cities’ dialect like all the other European countries, chose based on the beauty of the language (or something like that according to what I heard on the audio book version of Eat. Pray. Love.).

Regardless, a quick pop quiz about hoy, today, and this date, July 1st, in years past.

1.  On this day in which country were sunglasses invented?

      A.  France  KSUBI OLD SUNGLASSES Profile Photo

      B.  Italy

      C.  China

      D.  Mexico

2.  What year was that in?

      A.  1200

      B.  1586

      C.  1720

      D.  1902

According to the 1st out of 20 pages of events on todayinhistory.com, not including birth days or dead people, sunglasses were invented in China in the year 1200.  News to me.


Other things on this day includeFollowing HIS orders

– 1st burning of Protestants at stake in Netherlands  (1517)

– Napoleon’s fleet reaches Alexandria Egypt (1798)

– Louis Napoleon resigns as king of the Netherlands  (1810)

– United Provinces of Central America gain independence from Mexico  (1823)

– US drops atom bomb on Bikini atoll (4th atomic explosion) (1946)

– In Victoria, Australia, helmetless bike riding becomes illegal (1990)

– 6.6 earthquake in Big Bear Valley of Los Angeles (1992)

I know the 1st vote on Declaration of Independence (1776) should have a greater significance to me and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I was only vaguely aware of the 4th bomb and if ‘Bikini’ was one of the answers in a multiple choice quiz as to its name, it’s probably the last one I would choose, but it’s the last out of this list that stands out to me the most.

I was there.

Ok, I must admit I do not remember it, being the tender age of 3, but I was there.  The Big Bear earthquake is part of my history because I was born in Big Bear Valley, in the annex of a small church in Sugarloaf.

Afterwards we moved down to Canoga Park, roughly 6.4 miles away from Northridge, the epicenter of the slightly more famous 1994.

Then, on this day, in 1998,

I stepped into Ohio, for the first time, after a 2 day journey via Amtrak from LA to Chicago where we rode a really big Ferris wheel, saw some beluga whales jump, and stared up at a tower without a top out of the rental car that’d take us away to a new home.


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