social activism Pt 2

Part 1 – required to care

Many Christians, most I’d venture to say, are ridiculously oversaturated with… admonishments I guess could be the right word.  Sermons.  What to do.  The same few examples being presented in a million only slightly different ways.  We’re full and bloated and to be perfectly blunt, it reeks! 

It really is a shame.

The typical Christian life is this: Christians listen to christian music, eat at christian businesses (does this look familiar?), use christian alternatives to cuss words (gosh darn it), read christian books bought from christian bookstores and occasionally serve in a christian charity (mimosas or coca-colas bought afterwards, depending on your denomination) while wearing christian clothing (7 Spirit Up!). The end result? American Christianity has become irrelevant and useless. For people struggling with deep issues that have them questioning the existence of a God who not only created them but deeply loves and desires them, a bumper sticker is meaningless.  (Honey Suckle Life)

Uh ouch!  And yet I’ve heard that from the pulpit too. 

Still, out of all the Sundays I’ve sat through, I must admit I’ve never heard one on this verse:

James 4:7  Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.

The disconnect is so painfully obvious and yet so overwhelmingly present. Almost like trying to write down the details of a hazy dream, we know we’re missing something.  Something important.  I write down my dreams first thing each morning, but sometimes I can’t quite spell it all out.  Do what ya can and hope it’s enough.  A few key scenes have escaped, but that dream almost sorta kinda has a plot- a point.  Usually I lose those precious moments of insight because I go back to sleep, or even just hesitate a few moments, not wanting to turn on the light.

All that to say that to whom much is given, much is required.  What exactly that constitutes, I can’t tell you. 


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