social activism Pt 1

Seeing that today marks the anniversary of World Without Torturethe UN signing a charter for treating humans like humans (and the Convention Against Torture coming into force), I was reminded of a conversation about a Christian’s responsibility to be aware, awake, passionate. 

My Nica team was having lunch at Kathy’s, a Nicaraguense American waffle place, and up came the topic of activism, sweat shops, whether fair trade is socialism. 

While not exactly the same trail as knowing the brutal facts (justice drowned by sounds of torture – Vanguard) , or talking about SMA, I think it all leads to the same thing.

The leader who started the discussion writes on her blog:

I, a lifelong Christian, was arguing that we, as Christians, were supposed to care for the poor and oppressed in other nations. That our money was the loudest voice we had. And my friend, also a lifelong Christian, was arguing that we didn’t need to do this and I was touting Socialism. Three years later, I’m still pissed off about it.


Basically, we are required to care.


One thought on “social activism Pt 1

  1. It’s one of the hardest things that Frank and I have taken on. And one we constantly fail at. Thank you for reminding me of that passion I felt three years ago.

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