Old Brief Obsessions

I found a new website to be excited about.  Aulafacil.com.  Everything I could possibly want to know about learning anything, in Spanish nonetheless.  Sites like that hold possibilities and the ambitious dreamer in me runs at them full force, forgetting that she’ll need to stop and catch her breath just a few short feet later. 

It’s only been two days so no, I’m not sick of it yet, but it’s only been two days and I’ve already plowed my way through the first 19 lessons of Latin 101 and finished the first guitar course (skipping the vast majority of the latter since it was mostly pictures of a pick or a guitar stand or changing each string).  El Latín on the other hand.  That one I got into. 

I promptly set up a language notebook in OneNote next to the Writing notebook with the first 100 so pages of writing prompts in Old Friend from Far Away, which happened to contain an entry from last week about passions vs. obsessions and which should be preferred. 

I´ll post my response that prompt and then head to bed since my eyes are passionately insisting that they´ve been open a little too long, but I have a bit more running through my mind about recent and long lasting obsessions that I´d like to share so I will do that tomorrow.  A friend has been known to say, a lot, Do or Do not.  There is no try. Doing for myself I often cannot maintain but a little accountability, even if imagined, goes a long way.

More tomorrow.

Passions rise up and become obsessions, although both can fade as quickly as they come to life. A passion is something that causes a great emotional response and an obsession becomes the activities that result. I can be passionate about drawing- I can love to do it and feel a strange rush of exhilaration every time I make a stroke that looks like it’s in the right place, as I watch the hand pull something out of seemingly nothing, for many times I’ve never seen that section of the brains capabilities and I didn’t know they existed.

Even so, if I can live for weeks without picking up a pen and drawing, doodling, pulling out every tool I have and letting them cover the floor until I finally finish at 3, 4 am, I’m not obsessed. Obsession is recognizing a passion and refusing to let it die.

Although I often find myself somewhat obsessed with answering a question, researching a specific topic, doing a certain thing, I often get bored and move on because the obsession was built up without the passion to keep it going.

I’d rather have an ongoing passion that fuels an obsession, as long as I’m obsessed with the right things.


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