try again

Although I knew it wasn’t a very good idea, I still clicked on a facebook link and watched a few too many minutes slip by.  Page after page, the stupid comments just kept coming, and despite the fact that I had yet to crack a smile, I found myself oddly addicted to reading short blurbs about customers who didn’t always have their heads screwed on completely straight.

One man called a wrong number, hung up, called back, hung up, and did it again until the representative reminded him that redial will just keep bringing one back to the same place.  If one wants a different answer, he absolutely must put in the effort to come up with a different equation.

I think thinking’s that way.

   A friend at work once told me that intelligent people never get bored, which 1)kindly encouraged me that I’m not as bright as I would have hoped, but 2) has served to remind of the value of changing the equation, punching in new numbers, trying to think about something new.

I’m not good at that.  I tend to get stuck on a particular idea and mull it over until I can’t stand it any longer. 

I need something new to think about.  Lots of somethings.  Any ideas?


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