excuses are just that

“Sheila Isaacs was not a prime candidate to become an athlete of any kind. […] Sports and exercise were the furthest things from her mind for her first 50 years; […] A little over a decade later, Sheila had run 99 triathlons, placing first in her age group 58 times, and had completed one in each of 49 states. Only Hawaii remained. She decided to go BIG by capping off her 50 tri’s in 50 states with the 2004 Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii — the granddaddy of all triathlons” (ezinearticles.com).

Beating their time limit by 5 min., Sheila became the first person to complete a triathlon in all 50 states. 

 Wow.  Maybe I’ll go for a walk tomorrow.  A long one.


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