sometimes it´s hard to tell

What I thought ugly:

Would it be bad to admit me?  Or maybe just the outfit I found myself in on a specific day or a particularly greasy hair day.  I feel there have been times standing in front of the mirror wondering whether this layer really was made to go with that one.  Whether it was the ugliest or the cutest thing I´ve ever seen.  Sometimes it´s hard to tell.

Ok, something else?  A baby lionhead looks a bit like an alien.  How is it that before the mane grows out the face just seems longer, flatter, balder.  Or maybe I just think it´s ugly because I´ve heard it referred as such before.  If they are allowed to say it, so am I.

But then if I base ugly/cute on another

the phone rings and although I have three more minutes, I´ve lost my train of thought, or have yet to find one.

Ugly: blood, although its needed and useful. as long as it stays out of sight

– chinese crested dogs.  the polls agree w/ me on that one at least.

– envy, selfish ambition James 3Ñ17 I believe

– poor typing.  I love having the ability to change back and forth from spanish to english, but I still have a bit to get used to.


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