second guessing

I´ve only just finished typing out the last few answers about what I consider ugly and I´m already questioning whether those are really my answers or what I´m expected to answer.  A chinese crested pup can be somewhat cute, if it´s caught at the right angle.  Even an older one has a certain appeal that sends us back to a study of the Greek concept of pathos.  Maybe the pathetic little lionhead is pulling hard enough at my heartstrings that it´s actually quite adorable.  Surely something can be so ugly that it´s undeniably cute, or vice versa.

Leaving the suffering of the overlooked behind, I flip the page.

Where is home?

Good question.  Technically here- I´m sitting in a room in my parents´house in Northeastern Ohio smelling my cat´s litter box (which I will change in approximately 10.5 minutes). 

My pocket starts vibrating and I decide that poop should be disposed of now before I get in the car and drive away to someone else´s definition of home.


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